I decided to get my hearing tested and made an appointment in the Newport News office. They were kind enough to allow me to try out the new digital Beltone Promise hearing aids. I was able to hear conversations, music, and most importantly, my grandchildren. After wearing them, I made the decision that I no longer wanted to remain in my quiet world. I was very excited about being able to hear more clearly! My hearing aids are so comfortable that I forget I have them on. So again, I thank you, and I know my husband thanks you!

Clara G. —Yorktown

My Beltone hearing aids have made a big change in my life. Because of my hearing loss, I felt very isolated. At family gatherings, I was not able to hear what was being said. I’d be smiling, but not understanding anything. My hearing aids have opened up a whole new world. I can be in on the jokes now! I am especially pleased that I can hear again in church. Even restaurants are not a problem; I can easily keep up a conversation at a table. At 87 years old, I feel like I have my life back. I can enjoy conversations again. I would recommend them to anyone. I’m not just happy with Beltone—I’m ecstatic! Special thanks to Eddie for being so helpful in finding the right fit.

Ruth T. —Newport News

My whole life, I’ve taken the gift of hearing for granted. It never occurred to me that a gradual decline int he quality of my hearing had been going on for years. I dismissed complaints from my wife, children, and friends, thinking that if they just spoke up and articulated, my ‘excellent’ hearing would capture everything they said. In order to prove the point to my family, I agreed to have my hearing tested. What a surprise! My inability to hear certain sounds quickly made itself evident. I was fit with Beltone hearing aids and began hearing things more clearly than I had in years.

Better listening and better hearing provided me with richer conversations, which in turn led to better relationships. Listening to the radio and television revealed significant improvements too. A once-familiar world was opened up to me after years of being hidden without me knowing. My Beltone hearing aids have turned out to be one of the best investments I ever made.

James C. —Williamsburg