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Do I need a hearing test?

Experts recommend those over the age of 55 take a hearing test at least once every year. It is especially recommended for those who have the following signs of loss:

  • Trouble hearing in crowded areas
  • Turning the volume very loud on the TV
  • Ringing in ears
  • Hearing is distorted
  • Trouble with understanding speech

At Beltone Audiology, we provide hearing tests for free to determine hearing needs for you and your loved ones.

What is included in a hearing test?

Hearing tests are non-invasive and painless. The actual testing takes about 21 minutes. The rest of your time is spent with your hearing specialist going through your results. You’ll find out exactly what’s going on in your ears by the end of your visit. You will pay no fees for the test. We provide the test on your first visit.

What if I have hearing loss?

If you have wax buildup, we’ll refer you to an ear-nose-throat doctor. If you have hearing loss, our specialist will go through your options to help restore your hearing. We offer the most advanced hearing aid technology available. You’ll have access to a variety of financing options and payment plans that make these devices easily affordable. We also work in partnership with many insurance providers.

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Beltone Ledford Audiology and Hearing Centers provides hearing services and hearing aids. Our family-run hearing centers have been serving Virginia’s residents for 46 years. We provide free hearing tests and the newest Beltone hearing instruments for you and your loved ones. We’re always happy to advise you in any hearing related matters.

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